10 Cool Announcements from WWDC 2019 Event

wwdc19 Announcements

WWDC event- Apple’s biggest event of the year started with a keynote on a bevy of updates headed towards Apple’s family of devices that have set the stage. The prime focus of the event remains software update where iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS get the major updates alongside stunning premium Mac hardware release after a long time.

The dozens of announcements became the moments of celebration for Apple fans that have amazed them. We have got the most interesting announcements from the WWDC2019 covered for you along with a brief overview about them discussed to let you know what to expect from them.

Here’s the round-up of everything announced at the WWDC event:

The new iOS 13 remains the star of the event

The iOS 13 has got some features for which people have been waiting for a long time.

The most-requested dark mode becomes officially available to all iPhone apps which make it easier to read the text in the night. The dark mode rolled out system-wide is not noticeable from the home screen, but the users will experience the difference while using apps. The Dark mode feature release is considered as playing a catch up with the competitors.

There will be no need to install third-party keyboards for typing as the users can type just by swiping across the keyword.

The new privacy features disable the apps to use the location data through Wi-fi or Bluetooth data when the user grants an app just one-time access to the location. The addition of “Sign in With My Apple Account” button is also a valuable addition where the users can either choose to sign in with the real email address or allow the Apple to create a unique app address randomly that helps in keeping the private details private.

The cameras and photo app have improved with edit enhancements where the users can adjust brilliance, shadows, highlights and add other effects on photos and videos. It also gets smarter with AI update where the app will automatically organize the photos and remove the clutter by separating duplicates, screenshots, and receipts from the photo library, and then make the photos to be browsed according to timeline by dividing photos into the day, month and year.

Apple map didn’t get a complete makeover, but the bigger additions have improved it by the large margin. The favorite feature on maps allows the users to add favorite spots that will be shown on the launch page as a shortcut. The map has become more detailed with Google-style street view photo wherein when the user taps on the photo of the place, they can look around it in a 360-degree view. The mode to share ETA with friends is also enabled.

The music app got brand new time-synced lyrics feature that shows lyrics of the song live as the song plays. Notes get a gallery view and support for shared folders.

The reminder app is wholly transformed where the natural language is used, and smart list tracks everything. For instance, when a person is tagged in the reminder, the users will get the notification for the same when they are talking to the person in iMessage.

Memoji is enhanced with new customization options such as new hairstyles, teeth, piercing, hats, and makeup. The memoji stickers will be available for Wechat, Message and other apps for improved communication.

The new MacOS- Catalina released

As the latest version of macOS rolled out, Catalina pulls the plug and finally bid goodbye to iTunes where it’s separated in three apps namely- Music, Podcast, and TV.

The podcast allows the users to search for the audio or episodes based on content, even if the user forgets the name. The TV and music app allows the users to browse the content by genre and stream the movies or channels on the service.

With new Sidecar feature, the users can use iPad as a second display to Mac and Apple pencil as a secondary input device, which is a great solution for the users who wanted a touchscreen on their MacBooks.

The voice control feature allows the users to control their devices from scrolling, typing, sending an email to the volume adjustment with their voices. It will be a great help for users with disabilities to control different things through dictation and editing. The voice dictation will be done using on-device machine learning technology, so no data will be stored on the cloud.

FindMy- the upgraded version of FindMyIPhone and FindMyMacbook help in searching the Mac or iPhone even if it’s offline. The misplaced or lost device using Bluetooth beacons talk to nearby Apple device anonymously. The new activation lock in Mac will make it completely useless if it’s stolen.

AR SDK has also got updated with support for new features such as real-time people occlusion and motion tracking. The new ARKit 3 unveiled is demoed with Minecraft that’s now packed with a bunch of AR features like- observing other players in AR, ability to capture motion, and others. Besides, the RealityKit- a reality composer for virtual reality is announced that allow developers to blend virtual objects with the real-world environment through drag and drop interface, which is full of 3D objects thereby making it easier to develop interactive scenes with full AR support.

Last, project catalyst- the framework to port iPad apps to Mac is launched that developers can easily access to extend the app support to desktop.

The new hardware- Mac Pro makes its debut

Breaking the track record of last few years, Apple announced new hardware- Mac Pro, that’s a completely redesigned version of Mac 2013 with new aesthetics.

The Mac Pro that looks more like a cheese grater or laundry bag has a steel frame to easily move the system and cutouts along the side for airflow. It features support for Intel Xeon processor up to 28-core, RAM of 1.5 TB, massive heatsinks of get300 watts of power, 210 GB Ethernet port, 8 PCI slots, 6 slots for memory expansion, and three Thunderbolt ports.

Graphics card has received great improvements with multiple GPU options, including Radeon Pro 580x, or the Radeon Pro Vega II with 14 teraflops that can be used in tandem. Mac Pro can also be configured with two modules that add up to 56 teraflops.

The new processing card- afterburner is built for video editors that can process 6 billion pixels per second, which has brought ProRes and ProRes RAW codecs at the phenomenal level of performance.

Pro display XDR

It’s a great monitor with 32-inch LCD screen size, 6K retina display, 1000,000:1 contrast ratio, 32 GB memory, and 512 GB SSD, that’s available at $4,999. Going beyond, the pro display with extreme dynamic range has nano-textured glasses and anti-glare coating. Of course, HDR is there, which has become viable through backlighting system.

The pro display has a single arm mounting system that enables complete rotation in portrait mode, that’s available for extra $999. It’s completely removable and can be packed up with a monitor and taken on-the-go.

iPad gets it own OS

In an attempt of locking down the Apple users in its ecosystem and recognizing the importance of iPad-extended functionality, the new operating system that dedicatedly works on iPad is unveiled that bring iPad-specific functionalities on the top of the table.

The new iPadOS enable app switching by sliding along the bottom, brought multi-window capability to view multiple apps simultaneously on the screen with split view, and Expose’ look to the iPad through app Expose’.

The developers would go crazy with column view that brought file preview, quick actions, and rich metadata, support for USB thumb drives, and Zipping and unzipping of files. The text editing gestures are alluring where three fingers pinches will copy, the spread will paste, and swipe will undo or redo the action.

Homekit secure video don’t risk your privacy

From a long time, the people are worried about how the video recorded in the house through home security cameras is used by the tech companies as they simply explain that video is stored in the cloud. But, the unawareness of who has access to the video footage and whether the companies are using the videos for other purpose was taking away the peace of mind and also risking their privacy.

To resolve the problem, Homekit- Apple’s smart home system has extended its support for home security cameras. The new Homekit secure video API mandates the cameras to send the video footages to first on Apple Homepod to locally analyze the video right in the home and then encrypted before sending to iCloud. The API will work with third-party security cameras as well.


The new framework- SwiftUI is unveiled to reduce the workload from the developer’s shoulders during the adoption of new features and increase productivity. It lets the developers code faster and build a TV, iPhone, iPad, watch, and desktop apps with few lines of code. See how?

The new Xcode allows developers to simply drag and drop the elements into the preview of the app, and edit them with Inspect tool without manual typing. The native support for OS level features such as international languages and dark theme has helped the developers to not reinvent the wheel in rewriting the functionality repetitively.


Siri has got nicer with a natural-sounding voice that’s wholly now generated by the software and it will read the message for you if the user has wearing AirPods.

Sharing audio or message has become a work of an average Joe. Just a single tap on two devices and the users will be prompted to share and then audio of any movie or song can be shared with any friend if they are wearing AirPods.

Now, Siri on Homepod is all ready to offer more personalized experiences to the users by recognizing different voices. Live radio makes its ways to the Siri-enabled device where the live feed of the desired station can be listened by the users.

CarPlay gets new updates with redesigned widgets, integration with third-party apps such as Pandora or Waze, and Siri’s automated suggestions based on user’s activities.

WatchOS 6 and New Watch App Store

The latest smartwatch software is jam-packed with new watch faces that joined the existing options alongside more apps to the wearable.

The noise app on the Apple watch can detect the decibel level of sound in the user’s surrounding environment, and warn them that loud environment is dangerous for their ears. During sound testing, Apple will not record or save any audio for future use.

Cycle tracking- the menstrual tracking app for Apple watch allow the users to mark when the period starts and end along with period flow level. This data further helps in estimating and notifying when the user’s period will start.

In addition to the new calculator app and voice memo app, the support for independent apps (Not requiring a companion app on iPhone) will also become available with watchOS 6 support. The new APIs will allow the apps to stream audio straight to the watch.

The initiative of independent apps is strengthened with a new watch app store release where the users can browse, buy, and download the apps right from the watch. Not to mention, the updates as well.

The TV gets multi-user support

For the new TV-based services, the tvOS gets enhanced where the homepage is redesigned with rich previews of TV shows or movies and multi-user support
with personalized recommendations for every family member is provided. To stand up to the bar of Netflix or Hulu, the TV app allow different family members to create the profile for different shows or movies and based on the interest, and then the recommendations will be offered to them accordingly.

The support for two major gaming consoles- Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers are added with tvOS 13 release where the users are likely to get the custom recommendations.


Diving deep into the digital ocean, Apple addressed the complaints and wishes of the Apple’s fans with dozens of announcements such as dark mode enabled in iPhone, Mac Pro gets more flexibility, iPad gets a dedicated OS for multi-tasking, new software updates to WatchOS and tvOS, enhanced Siri, a slew of privacy-focused settings and pretty more.

The long list of new additions, improvements and deletions has created a space for the iOS app developers to experiment, innovate and engineer the epic applications that thrives the world.

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